Being a doctor, it is difficult at times or might I say most of the times to keep track of patients and their records. Gone are the days when everything had to be written by hand, adjusted in files and folders. This is a true hassle if you have a running practice as keeping records at hand could be quite cumbersome.

MobileBiz Systems created an answer to this problem faced by doctor and people of medical profession. Doctors at Work Plus is an android app for your handheld devices such as cellphones or tablets where you can not only manage your patient’s medical and health records but also keep track of appointments and billings.

It serves as a patient record system in your mobile device, readily available anytime. The user interface of this app is minimalistic and clean. It is totally free to use and there are subscription plans to help with larger practices with more options. This app is a fine alternative for doctors and their medical practices to hefty paperwork.

It features a smooth way to add patient appointments and even let you send reminders to patients via SMS or email that their doctor’s appointment is due. This can come in handy as the medical lifestyle is pretty hectic and you can have a smooth organization of patient’s appointments and records. Just on one tap whole patient history can be viewed. Not only this, but a doctor can also add videos or audio conversations as well. This feature is a great help of having all the data in one place and decreasing the time and fuss needed to get everything regarding patient’s health. This app also decreases the time needed for typing data due to the availability of many templates.
The app also goes a step further and allows a doctor to add rates of different services and medical management provided by them so that it will help patients get an idea of prices. You can keep track of patient’s payments, bills as well as generate sales report on a few taps.
Doctor at Work Plus is going to revolutionize how medical practices can be managed at the palm of one’s hand. Not only it gives full freedom for a doctor to adjust his life and medical practice, it also gives a suitable way of easing he patients in avoiding long wait hours and missed appointments as well as overlaps.

With doctors at work plus, you can expect a high touch when it comes to functionality. Highlighted features include:

  • Document the history of examination, diagnosis, and treatment of a patient
  • Manage patient appointments
  • Billing and tracking sales
  • Compile medical notes of almost any format
  • Option to add audio or video to patient notes
  • Add unlimited patients
  • Add unlimited appointments
  • Add unlimited invoices
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Templates to decrease typing time
  • Clean user interface

As a practicing physician anyone would agree that with the help of this application, medical record keeping could be a breeze. Especially when it is available at the palm of your hand.



  1. Cecilia says:

    Muy buena aplicación, sólo falta poder sincronizar y tenerla e la nube.. pero me ha ayudado muchísimo,, gracias

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